Looking for a developer to work with Hypothes.is API

Brief Description

I am looking for a developer to capture the JSON API feed made with the Hypothes.is online annotation tool, to store them in a local DB and then trigger email notifications when specified conditions are met.

Detailed Description

More specifically, the developer needs to do the following:

  1. Store all annotations made by users of a group in a private database (tool of your choice) by using either the API or the RSS feed.
  2. Create a way for users to be notified via email when certain conditions are met, such as:
    1. when they are @mentioned
    2. when a annotation receives more than 5 likes
    3. when a page they had annoated receives more than 10 new annotations
    4. etc. (presumably more rules can be easily added with a system in place).
  3. Optionally: Add a “Like” and “Star” feature to Hypothes.is by adding some JS to the bookmarklet and/or by editing the chrome extension. Likes and Stars should be linked to user accounts (you can assume you have the users API keys if necessary).


Work to be completed and reviewed by August 1st, 2016.

How to Apply

To apply, please provide a quote for the above work along with a CV (and/or a code sample) via email (juan@alperin.ca). Direct any questions to the same email address.

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