Juan Pablo Alperin

Assistant Professor

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PhD Education, Stanford University
Multidisciplinary Studies in Education 2015
Masters of Arts, University of Waterloo
Geography 2008
Bachelor of Mathematics, University of Waterloo
Computer Science Honours, Combinatorics & Optimization Minor 2003

Professional Affiliations

Assistant Professor
Simon Fraser University
Associate Faculty Director
Public Knowledge Project

Research Interests

  1. public’s use of research
  2. societal impact of research
  3. open science
  4. open access
  5. higher education
  6. scholarly communication
  7. altmetrics
  8. publishing technologies


Seminar Courses

PUB802: Technology and the Evolving Forms of Publishing, Graduate link 2015, 2016

PUB401: Technology and the Evolving Book, Undergraduate link 2014, 2015

Project Courses

PUB607: Publishing Technology Project, Graduate link 2014, 2015, 2016

Lecture Courses

PUB101: Publication of Self in Everyday Life, Undergraduate 2014

Guest Lectures

Escribir para Publicar, National University de Colombia Nov. 2014

The Emergence of Latin American Science, University of Costa Rica Mar. 2012

Section Leader

STS1: The Public Life of Science Technology & Society 2013


Web Scraping in Python, Stanford University 2013

Latin American Open Access Publishing Workshop Series, nine countries 2007-2010

Research Projects


Alperin, J.P. et al. Understanding Societal Impact of Research through Social Media. Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). total award: C$217,401 2016-2019

Alperin, J.P., et al. Assessing the Value of Openness in Faculty Review and Promotion. Open Society Foundations. total award: U$50,000 2016-2017

Reilly, K. & Alperin, J.P.. Engaging Publics in Openness Initiatives. SIRCA-IDRC. total award: U$15,950 2015-2016

Larivière, V. et al. (Collaborator). Open Science: Social Science & Humanities Cyberinfrastructure, Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI). total award: C$4,340,315 2016-2018

Willinsky, J., Garnett, A. & Alperin, J.P.. Smarter Scholarly Texts. MediaX (Stanford University). total award: U$250,000 2012-2017


Alpern, J.P. & Nicholson, J. Incentivizing Open Peer-Review. OpenAire, total award: €27,600 2015-2016

Owen, B., Garnett, A., Alperin, J.P., & Stranack, K. Smarter Texts for Advancing Public Knowledge. Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA). total award: C$75,000 2015-2016

Alperin, J.P. & Babini, D. Open Access indicators: Assessing growth and use of OA resources from developing regions. UNESCO. total award: U$50,000 2013-2014

Willinsky, J., Fischman, G.E., & Alperin. J.P.. Quality in the Open Scholarly Communication of Latin America. International Development Research Centre (IDRC). total award: U$350,000 2011-2014

Willinsky, J., Fischman, G.E., & Alperin. J.P.. Strengthening Scholarly Communication in Latin America. International Development Research Centre (IDRC). total award: U$50,000 2007-2009


Alperin, J.P. Encouraging and Supporting Discussions Through Online Annotations. The Institute for the Study of Teaching and Learning in the Disciplines, SFU. total award: C$5,000 2016

Alperin, J.P. Building Foundations for Graduate Studies in Publishing. Dean of Graduate Studies, SFU. total award: C$5,000 2016


Peer-Reviewed Publications

Reilly, K. & Alperin, J.P. Intermediation in Open Development: A Knowledge Stewardship Approach. Global Media Journal: Canadian Edition, 6(1). link 2016

Carvalho Neto, S, Willinsky, J. & Alperin, J.P. Measuring, Rating, Supporting, and Strengthening Open Access Scholarly Publishing in Brazil. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 24(54). doi.org/10.14507/epaa.24.2391 link 2016

Alperin, J.P. The Public Impact of Latin America’s Approach to Open Access. Doctoral Dissertation, Stanford University. link Google Scholar 2015

Alperin, J.P. Geographic variation in social media metrics: An analysis of Latin American journal articles, Aslib Journal of Information Management 67(3). link doi.org/10.1108/AJIM-12-2014-0176 Google Scholar 2015

Garnett, A., Alperin, J.P., Willinsky, J. The Public Knowledge Project XML Publishing Service and meTypeset: Don’t call it “Yet Another Word-to-JATS Conversion Kit”, JATS-Con Proceedings 2015, Bethesda: National Center for Biotechnology Information. link 2015

Alperin, J.P. Brazil’s Exception to the World-Class University Movement. Quality in Higher Education, 19(2). link doi.org/10.1080/13538322.2013.802573 Google Scholar 2013

Alperin, J.P., Fischman, G.E., & Willinsky, J. Scholarly Communication Strategies in Latin America’s Research Universities. Educación Superior y Sociedad, 16(2). link Google Scholar 2011

Fischman, G.E., Alperin, J.P., & Willinsky, J. Visibility and Quality in Spanish-Language Latin American Scholarly Publishing. Information Technologies & International Development, 6(4). link Google Scholar 2010

Alperin, J.P., Fischman, G.E., & Willinsky, J. “Open Access and Scholarly Publishing in Latin America: Ten flavours and a few reflections”. Liinc em Revista, 4. link Google Scholar 2008

Edited Volumes

Alperin, J.P. & Fischman, G.E. (Eds.). Made in Latin America: Open Access, Scholarly Journals, and Regional Innovations, Buenos Aires: CLACSO. link Google Scholar 2015

Alperin, J.P., Babini, D., & Fischman, G.E. (Eds.). Open Access Indicators and Scholarly Communications in Latin America, Buenos Aires: CLACSO. link Google Scholar 2014

Book Chapters

Shamash, K., Alperin, J.P. & Bordini, A.Teaching Data Analysis in the Social Sciences: A Case Study with Article Level Metrics. In Atenas, J. & Havemann, L. (Eds) Open Data as an Open Education Resource, London: Open Knowledge Foundation. link doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.1590031 2015

Alperin, J.P. & Fischman, G.E. Scientific Journals Produced in Latin America. In Alperin, J.P. & Fischman, G.E. (eds.) (2015). Made in Latin America Open Access, Scholarly Journals, and Regional Innovations, Buenos Aires: CLACSO. link 2015

Fischman, G.E. & Alperin, J.P. About Lights and Shadows: Latin American Scientific Journals. In Alperin, J.P. & Fischman, G.E. (eds.) (2015). Made in Latin America Open Access, Scholarly Journals, and Regional Innovations, Buenos Aires: CLACSO. link 2015

Alperin, J.P. Assessing the Growth and Use of Open Access Resources from Developing Regions: The Case of Latin America, Open Access Indicators and Scholarly Communications. In Alperin, J.P., Babini, D., & Fischman, G.E. (eds.) (2014). Open Access Indicators and Scholarly Communications in Latin America, Buenos Aires: CLACSO. link Google Scholar 2014

Fischman, G.E., Alperin, J.P., & Willisnky, J. Old and New Challenges for Scholarly Communications in Spanish. In Cetto, A.M., & Alonso, O. Quality and Impact of Ibero-American Scientific Journals. Mexico: UNAM. 2011

Invited Publications

Alperin, J.P. & Taylor, M. Science without borders: are technology and policy limiting internationalization? ResearchTrends. 37. link 2014

Alperin, J.P. Ask Not What Altmetrics Can Do for You, but What Altmetrics Can Do for Developing Countries. Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 39. link doi.org/10.1002/bult.2013.1720390407 Google Scholar 2013

Willinsky, J. & Alperin, J.P. The Academic Ethics of Open Access to Research and Scholarship. Ethics and Education. 6. link doi.org/10.1080/17449642.2011.632716 Google Scholar 2012

Other Publications

Alperin, J. P. Motivating Open Practices Through Faculty Review and Promotion. OOO Canada Blog link 2016

Nicholson, J. & Alperin, J.P. A brief survey on peer review in scholarly communication. The Winnower link 2016

Alperin, J.P. & Bordini, A. How to reach a wider audience for your research. SciDevNet. link 2015

Alperin, J.P., Babini, D., Chan, L., Gray, E., Guédon, J.C., Joseph, H., Rodrigues, E., Shearer, K., Vessuri, H. Open Access in Latin America: a Paragon for the Rest of the World, The Winnower. link doi.org/10.15200/winn.143982.27959 2015

Alperin, J.P., Bordini, A., Pouyanne, S. PLOS, Please publish our articles on Wednesdays: A look at altmetrics by day of publication, The Winnower. link doi.org/10.15200/winn.142972.29198 2015

Alperin, J.P. South America: Citation databases omit local journals (correspondence), Nature. doi.org/10.1038/511155c Google Scholar 2014

Alperin, J.P. Altmetrics could enable scholarship from developing countries to receive due recognition. LSE Impact Blog. link 2014

Alperin. J.P. Academic Writing in a Global Context: The Politics and Practices of Publishing in English (book review). Journal of Scholarly Publishing, 42 (4), 545-549. doi.org/10.1353/scp.2011.0034 2011


Invited Presentations

Alperin, J.P.. ¿Que impacto miden las métricas alternativas en publicación científica?. Aprender3c. Online. Nov. 28, 2016

Alperin, J.P. Ferramentas do PKP para publicação científica em acesso aberto. Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Scientific Editors Association. Sao Paolo, Brazil. Nov. 7, 2016

Alperin, J.P. ¿Quien lee las revistas de acceso abierto de América Latina? Congreso INFO 2016, Foro de Acceso Abierto. Havana, Cuba. Nov. 3, 2016

Alperin, J.P. Las limitaciones de los indicadores bibliometricos y las oportunidades del acceso abierto en América Latina. Seminario el Nuevo Orden Academico: Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru. Lima, Peru. Sep. 1, 2016

Alperin, J.P. Inherent Tensions in Adopting New Scholarly Practices. 61st Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials. Charlottesville, USA. slides May 9, 2016

Alperin, J.P. Research is also for non-scholars: Lessons from Latin America. FORCE16. Portland, USA doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.3187551 video April 19, 2016

Alperin, J.P. ¿Who benefits from Latin American research? National Autonomous University of Mexico. Mexico City, Mexico. Feb. 25, 2016

Alperin, J.P. Altmetrics: The Basics, the Research, and the Users. Beedie Business School, Simon Fraser University. Vancouver, Canada. Feb. 10, 2016

Alperin, J.P. PKP and CrossRef: Two P’s in a Cross. CrossRef Annual General Meeting. Boston, USA. slides Nov. 17, 2015

Alperin, J.P. The Latin American Open Access Utopia. OpenCon 2015. Brussels, Belgium. video slides Nov. 14, 2015

Alperin, J.P. Openness in Higher Education: From the Classroom to the Research. SFU/UBC Open Access Week. Vancouver, Canada link slides Oct. 22, 2015

Alperin, J.P. Do Things Get Better in Scholarly Publishing?. PKP Scholarly Publishing Conference 2015. Vancouver, Canada. video Aug. 13, 2015

Alperin, J.P. Students, Open Access & Libraries. The SPARC-ACRL Forum on Emerging Issues in Scholarly Communication. San Francisco, USA. link June 25, 2015

Alperin, J.P. & Pouyanne, S. The Public Impact of Open Access: A survey of the SciELO research portal. Advancing Research and Scholarship Conference (ARCSCon). Philadelphia, USA. link doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.1391771 Apr. 27, 2015

Alperin. J.P. Special Session: Critical DH (Digital Humanities) Interventions in Scholarly Communications and Publishing. Modern Language Association Annual Meeting 2015. Vancouver, Canada. Jan. 8, 2015

Lin, J., Alperin, J.P. & Ivimey-Cook, R. Three Publishers’ Perspective on Using Altmetrics: PLOS, PKP, and eLife. NISO Virtual Conference: Transforming Assessment: Alternative Metrics and: Other Trends. Online. link June 18, 2014

Alperin, J.P. Getting Altmetrics: What and who to consider. Canadian Association of Learned Journals Annual Meeting. St. Catherine’s, Canada. May 24, 2014

Garnett, A. & Alperin, J.P. Return of the Son of Automated Publishing: A Free, Modular Solution for Academic Typesetting. MediaX: The future of content. Stanford, USA. video Feb. 5, 2014

Garnett, A. & Alperin, J.P. A New Solution for XML Publishing. MediaX 2013 Conference, Stanford, USA. video Jan. 8, 2013

Alperin, J.P. Open Access: Latin America Shows us How. Open Science Summit. Mountain View, USA. Oct. 19, 2012

Alperin, J.P. PKP, Open Access, and Open Source. Latinoware. Foz de Iguaçu, Brazil. Oct. 27, 2009

Alperin, J.P. Strengthening Scholarly Publications in Latin America. Quality and Impact of Iberoamerican Journals. San Jose, Costa Rica. Oct. 5, 2009

Alperin, J.P. Scholarly Portals in Latin America. Scholarly Communications in Africa Programme. Cape Town, South Africa. June 10, 2009

Alperin, J.P., Smecher, A. PKP Experience - Development of Open Source Projects. CRICS 8. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Sep. 15, 2008

Peer-Reviewed Conference Presentations

Alperin, J.P., Stranack, K. & Garnett, A. On the Peripheries of Scholarly Infrastructure: A look at the Journals Using Open Journal Systems. 21st International Conference on Science and Technology Indicators (STI Conference 2016). Valencia, Spain. link slides Sep. 14, 2016

Alperin, J.P. Moving beyond counts: A method for surveying Twitter users. Altmetrics15 Workshop, Altmetrics Conference. Amsterdam, Netherlands. link Oct. 9, 2015

Alperin, J.P. Evolving altmetrics to capture impact outside the academy. 2:AM Altmetrics Conference. Amsterdam, Netherlands. slides Oct. 7, 2015

Alperin. J.P. Exploring altmetrics in an emerging country context. Altmetrics14 Workshop, WebScience Conference 2014. Bloomington, USA. link slides doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.1041797 Google Scholar June 23, 2014

Alperin, J.P. What it Means for PKP to Offer Article Level Metrics. SciELO 15. Sao Paolo, Brazil. slides Oct. 25, 2013

Alperin, J.P. Are ALMs/Altmetrics Propagating Global Inequality? Article Level Metrics Workshop 2013. San Francisco, USA. link slides Oct. 12, 2013

Alperin, J.P. Visualizing Article-Level Metrics with d3.js? Article Level Metrics Workshop 2013. San Francisco, USA. link slides Oct. 11, 2013

Alperin, J.P. The Skewed View from ISI: A Failed Attempt to Measure Regionalization in Latin America. Latin American Studies Association Congress 2012. San Francisco, USA. May 24, 2012

Alperin, J.P. & Fischman, G.E. Understanding the Challenges Facing Scholarly Communication in Latin America. 55th Annual Conference of the Comparative & International Education Society. Montreal, Canada. May 2, 2011


Travel Scholarships

2AM Altmetrics Conference / Altmetrics15 Workshop 2015

ARCS Conference 2015
Stanford University GSE 2012, 2013
ALM Workshop 2013, 2014


Future of Scholarly Communication and eScholarship Fellow: FORCE11 2013, 2016

Haas Centre Graduate Public Service Fellow: Stanford University 2012 - 2013

Student Supervision

Post-doctoral Supervision

Kyle Siler 2016 - present

Germana Barata 2016 - present

Senior Supervisor

Sellars, Stacey. Non-linear Digital Storytelling in the National Film Board of Canada’s Interactive Projects. Master in Publishing. SFU. in progress

Wake-Hyde, Zoë. -. Master in Publishing. SFU. in progress

Oliviera, Joshua. -. Master in Publishing. SFU. in progress

Wan, Linlin. Copyleft and creativity. Communications Double Major. 2016

Pouyanne, Sophie. Designing a Non-linear, Academic Web Book with Scalar. Master in Publishing. SFU. 2016

Dunlop, Laura. E-Cookbooks: An Analysis of Profitability. Master in Publishing. SFU. 2016

Fleischmann, Ariane. Getting SaaSy: The Implementation of Magazine Manager at Canada Wide Media. Master in Publishing. SFU. 2015

Simas Ferraz, João. Improving Multi-Platform Workflow at Harbour Publishing and Douglas & McIntyre. Master in Publishing. SFU. 2015

Soto, Arley. Evaluation of non-core PKP services. International Master in Digital Library Learning, University of Parma. 2015

Queitsch, Tilman. Like, Tweet, Read: Exploratory Analyses of Social Media Data as an Indicator for Readership Behaviour in the Newspaper and Periodicals Industries. Master in Publishing. SFU. 2014


Firlotte, Molly. An Analysis Of Outreach Strategies In Pursuit Revisiting The Porthole View: Of Market Expansion. Master in Publishing. SFU. 2016

Blom, Sophia. Consistency and Community in The New Quarterly’s Bringing the Writer Home: Past and Future. Master in Publishing. SFU. 2015

Garby, Taisha. Publishing Translated Works: Examining the Process. Master in Publishing. SFU. 2015

Zhang, Summer. The Case Study of the Jinglun Digital Publishing Platform. Master in Publishing. SFU. 2015

Ross, Emily. Quiet Content: Digital Publishing Through the Lens of a Startup. Master in Publishing 2015

Professional Service

Board Memberships

Steering Committee: Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) Steering Committee 2015 - present

Scientific Academic Advisory Board: Network of Scholarly Journals from Latin America, Spain, and Portugal (redalyc.org), 2014 - present

Conference Activity

Scientific Committee: XXI International Conference On Science And Technology Indicators, Valencia, Spain 2016

Scientific Committee: IV Open Access Forum (INFO2016), Havana, Cuba 2016

Application Review Team: OpenCon: The student and early career academic professional conference on Open Access, Open Education, and Open Data, Brussels, Belgium 2015, 2016

Organizing Committee: OpenCon: The student and early career academic professional conference on Open Access, Open Education, and Open Data, Washington, D.C., USA 2014

Conference Director: PKP Scholarly Publishing Conference 2013 (250 participants), Mexico City, Mexico 2013

Editorial Teams

Review Editor, Scholarly Metrics and Analytics 2016 - present

Founding Editorial Team, Scholarly and Research Communication 2010 - present

Technical Editor, Education Policy Analysis Archives 2008 - present


Nature, Information Research, Publications, Aslib Proceedings (2), Scientometrics, Scholarly and Research Communication (4), Palabra Clave (2), Education Policy Analysis Archives, Revista Facultad de Odontología


SPARC Student Advisory Group, CrossRef DOI Event Tracker Committee, OOO Canada

Departmental Service

Graduate Program Chair 2015 - present

Open Access Advisory 2014 - present

Three faculty search committees 2014 - present

All program committees 2014 - present

Media Coverage

CONACYT Prensa. ¿Cuál es el impacto social de las revistas científicas? link Mar. 2, 2016

Scholarly Kitchen. Celebrating Five Years of Altmetrics. link Oct. 20, 2015

Times Higher Education. Part of problem, not solution, warns academic. link Oct. 7, 2015

Foro TV: Fractal. Científico mundial. link Aug. 13, 2015

PLOS Blogs. Momentum for Article-Level Metrics: New Uses. link Sept. 21, 2015

OK Cast. Alperin: Open Access Advocacy. link Nov. 14, 2014

Universia. Superior al que se registra internacionalmente. link July 29, 2014

SciDev. Ciencia sudamericana subestimada. link July 21, 2014

Revista FAPESP. Retweet or Perish. link July 21, 2014

Nature. Brazil fêtes open-access site. link Oct. 22, 2013

Noticias Universidad de Costa Rica. Especialista recomienda a investigadores utilizar redes de comunicación. link May 15, 2012

Stanford Daily. Freeing Knowledge. link Jan. 26, 2011